How does it work?

  1. Explore our products and embroidery options on this site
  2. Order in store
  3. Receive your very own personalized product(s) after two weeks

What stores can I Customized products in?

Click here to see the store locator. 


Can I return or exchange a Customized product?

No, as this is a personal product it is not possible to return or exchange a Customized product.


Are the colors identical on screen and in real life?

You will have to except some differences as colors on screen is slightly different from real life.


How long is the production time?

We will deliver your personalized product(s) to the store within 14 days after the order was placed.


Can I order directly from you?

Private costumers cannot order from this site. Visit bondep.com to order directly from us.


How do I pay?

You pay for the product(s) upfront in store.